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About us


Established by Chris Akers in 2000, Sports Resource Group (SRG) is a privately owned sports business consultancy based in London with operations in the UK as well as traditional EU territories and international markets including Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Together with our network of international partners and investors we provide bespoke solutions to our clients based on mutual trust, discretion and integrity.

Our clients


SRG provide strategic advice for major corporates, sports federations, clubs, franchises and sovereigns looking to maximise their return on investment in the sports sector, either in terms of economic impact, brand awareness or competitive success.


* Professional clubs and teams

* Leagues and federations

* Private and institutional investors

* Professional athletes

* Brands



SRG has an exclusive network of partners with unique insight and expertise, bringing specialist knowledge and providing best class advice to help our clients deliver commercial success and maximise return on investment. Over the years, we have worked with some of the most relevant sports stakeholders in a variety of sports including football, F1, rugby, cricket, athletics, golf and tennis.


Our services

* Capital raising and investment consulting

* Sponsorship strategy and analysis

* Broadcasting & media rights

* Branding

* Athlete Management

* Social Media monetisation

* Event development and delivery

* Sport & Tourism strategies

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skype: chrisakers

Sports Resource Group Ltd.

4th Floor

43-44 Albemarle Street





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